Kit 37 sensores para Arduino (SKU 502G1)

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Kit of 37 sensors for Arduino, or in general for any micro-controller of 5V.

Know the technical details of each of these sensors and code samples for Arduino in this link .

The kit contains:

1 x passive buzzer module
1 x 2 color LED module.
1 x shock sensor module.
1 x vibration switch module.
1 x Resistive Photo module.
1 x key switch module.
1 x tilt switch module.
1 x RGB LED module SMD format.
1 x Infrared emission LED module.
1 x 3 color RGB LED module.
1 x Mercury Optical module open.
1 x Yin Yi LED module 2 colors 3mm.
1 x active buzzer module.
1 x temperature sensor module.
1 x Flashing colored colorful LED module.
1 x Magnetic sheet modules.
1 x Hall magnetic sensor module.
1 x Infrared sensor receiver module.
1 x Bihor Class, analogue module.
1 x Magic light module.
1 x Rotary encoder module.
1 x Optical module broken.
1 x detection module beats.
1 x Reed Module.
1 x Obstacle avoidance sensor module.
1 x Search Sensor Module.
1 x Microphone Sound Sensor Module.
1 x Module emitting diode laser.
1 x 5V relay module.
1 x Digital Temperature Sensor Module.
1 x Linear Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors.
1 x Flame Sensor Module.
1 x Microphone sensitive module.
1 x Temperature and humidity sensor module.
1 x XY axis joystick module.
1 X Metal contact sensor module

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